When I was young, my dream was to marry a doctor and live in Dallas.  Even thought we were a military family, my parents raised me to think that Texas was God’s country and there was no other land like it!  I went to Texas A&M; University and believed I could marry ONLY an Aggie!  Whoa – did God have a lot of work to do in me! 🙂 

When I met my husband D, he had three major strikes against him – NOT an Aggie, NOT from Texas (from Idaho?? Where was THAT??), and in the Navy (Uh Unh!! No more moving for me!!!)  But he pursued me and I fell in love and married him anyways! 🙂  We moved 2 weeks after the wedding and moved 9 more times in the next 18 years!

Because we moved so much, Bible studies became one of the few constants in my life.  God allowed these moves to have me seek Him before seeking earthly friendships.  The peoples of the Bible have become my greatest friends and it is amazing how my life can mirror them even though they lived thousands of years ago!!  Not to say I don’t have friends here on earth!!  God has given me some precious people to call friends.  They have enriched me and broadened the way I view the world. Each one has blessed me in a different way! I am so thankful that the Lord has moved us, so I can have good friends all over the country!! 🙂

God started to change my life in one area about 4 years ago.  I needed to return to the way things were when He created them.  I needed to do my part to take care of the world He created.  First I started by recycling more, trying to go more natural and simple in what we ate, being more careful of what we put in and on our bodies, being careful with the things we consumed.

I joined a whole foods co-cop which provided a plethora of seasonal fruits and vegetables, grains, seasonings, pastured meats and eggs, and raw milk. Loved it!!!  So wonderful to order online and then pick up at my designated time.  I love the internet and Pinterest in how I can search to make things I need like homemade food mixes AND even homemade cleaning products. 

I am trying to reduce our dependency on commercial products and be more self sufficient.  I want to know what’s in the foods we eat and products we use in order to live the healthiest lives possible.  One of the few ways of doing this is to grow all you need OR know the ones who grow them.

About the time all of this was happening, D moved to his last duty station and started searching for post-retirement jobs.  We discussed where we would like to live. D was so happy that I was moving to his side of wanting to live in the country where I could have a big garden, raise chickens, have our children be able to run outside in the country.  But we didn’t know WHERE God would have us live.  What was His plan?  Where would D get a job?  Doing what?

The last 6 months of D’s Navy career were super stressful. D was attending all the job fairs he could, took all the classes that were offered, travelled to interview and the doors just kept slamming shut. I felt like one of the Israelites wandering in the desert with a cloud overhead.  Where was God leading us?  In times of stress, I knew to turn to the Bible.  Several ladies I know recommended the study “Believing God” by Beth Moore and I started it.  Whoa!!!  It is powerful.  Hit me exactly where I needed it!  I just needed to trust the Lord and He WOULD provide the way.  I had to believe Him as He would take care of us as He had taken care of His people in the Bible for thousands of years before me.  I am SO very thankful I did this awesome study!

D had two job leads with 2 corporations and had multiple interviews with each.  Finally he was offered a job with one corporation in the small town near his family farm.  Sounds like it COULD have been perfect IF it was for the job he interviewed for (it wasn’t) and for the pay he thought he was interviewing for.  We both thought and prayed about it a few days.  While he was at work one day, we both felt God leading us for him to take it, even if it was a lesser position and lesser income.  We did have his Navy retirement to help.  But when he accepted the position, it was for a considerable more amount of money!!  Praise God! 

Now, where to live?  We searched houses for sale in the area.  To be able to get land, it was more than we thought.  Did we want to live in the town where he would work and still have to travel to his family’s land to see the chickens and be able to have the kids play outside in the barnyard???  Do we buy our own land which would be expensive and then have pay to remodel a 50+ year old farm house?? And then still travel to go visit/help his family?? Finally, one night while sleeping, we both had the same realization that God wants us to live on his family’s land.  We would be close to help out his parents, aunt and uncle, and 90 year old grandmother. 

So now we are building our dream home on family land!!!  I feel so over and beyond blessed!!!