Who Am I??

Hello dear friends!

I am Angela and I have been married to my husband for 18 years.  My husband, D, just retired from the US Navy after serving as an officer for over 20 years.  We have travelled the world (D more than I) and lived all over the United States – from Hawaii to New York to Florida to Texas and states in between.  My father was also in the Navy so I have literally moved all over the country all of my life.  I have my favorite places to live and my NOT favorite places to live!

We have been blessed with THREE wonderful children – after I was told that we would not be able to even HAVE kids.  Guess God is bigger than modern medicine!?!?! 🙂  My family is my world and I am doing all I can to help raise them to be light in this world we live in.  We homeschool our children and love the lifestyle it allows.  My passions are feeding my family the healthiest way I can, studying God’s word, making things with my hands (sewing, crafts, herbal products), loving on those around me….. 🙂 

Thank you for joining me on my “little piece of earth.”

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