My first purchase for the farm

As I have said before, D’s family all lives around where we will be living.  They all have their “own pieces of earth.” (From a favorite childhood book – The Secret Garden)  So they will continue to be hounded by me as I am learning all I can! 🙂  D’s aunt is the only one who has chickens at this time.  I asked her where she got hers and they are from a poultry hatchery near Boise who ships day old chicks.  But the minimum order of birds to ship is 25.  And the last hatch date of the year would be a month before we arrived.  What was I to do??  I wanted chickens!!!

I asked my mother in law if she would be willing to watch/take care of these chicks for a month before we moved up there and she replied, “I was just thinking we needed chickens!”  She requested Buff Orpinton chicks for herself and I ordered Barred Rock, Black Australorps, and Araucanas (since they lay green eggs!) for myself.  I placed my order for 27 since we wanted a couple of roosters too.  

                     A few days old

My in-laws received the call from the post office two days before estimated delivery date and they picked the box up.  When they got home and put them under the heat lamp, they called to say, “We think we got more than 27!”  But they couldn’t really count since the chicks were moving so fast!  They kept them in the garage in a horse trough with a heat lamp on them for 2 weeks.  When the chicks started to fly out of the trough, they moved them to the 100 year old chicken house in the barnyard.  As my mother in law placed them in the house, she was able to count each one.  How many did we have??  FORTY-TWO!!!!!  I ordered and paid for only 27!  Guess the hatchery thought, “Here is a clueless person!  Let’s send her all the extras!!”  Now we are waiting to see how many will be roosters and how many will be hens!

         My first time to see my babies!!
                       5 weeks old

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