When we arrived on the farm, Grandma and Grandpa had already cleaned out the old chicken house and put the new chicks in it.  The chicken house matched all the other weathered red buildings in the barn yard.  I think it is quite charming and quaint!  I asked Grandpa how old the buildings were since it was his parents’ farm before belonging to him.  This building is 100 years old!!  Think of all the chickens who have lived in it!!

My desire with all my pets is that they have the happiest life possible.  Good food, plenty of water, activity, and love.  They are the happiest doing what God intended them to do.  So a chicken is to run around outside and scratch at the ground, find yummy foods and lay eggs. 

The chicken house had one problem – no yard for the chicks to run around in!!!  Grandma and Grandpa had already gathered the supplies, just needed the time to work on it.  Since our family cannot help out in any other ways (yet!), we CAN put together a chicken run!

How big should the yard be??  We researched a little and saw several people recommending 4 square feet per bird.  So if my math is correct – that is a 10×20 fenced in enclosure?  B measured out the yard with his new tape measurer and we double checked his work.  Then we dug a ditch 6 inches deep by 6 inches wide all around to lay the chicken wire (wrapped around a fence board) to keep critters from digging into the enclosure.  

Did you know that chickens will run and hide every time they see a shadow fly over!  What instincts God has given them!  While we were working on the fence, a sparrow flew over and all the chickens ran into the house.  Such smart chicks! 🙂  Because a hawk or eagle can fly over and snatch one of my babies, D and R worked to cover the fence with a tarp (for shade) and netting to keep predators out.  D calls these chicks the most spoiled in the county!

We can know let them out in the morning and put them back in the house in the evening!  They are not completely free range until they get a little smarter!  but they do get plenty of treats from us to find in their run!  My favorite time of day is taking them our bucket after the evening meal.  So fun to watch them attack our leftovers!!