Reduce, reuse, recycle has not always been my motto.  Early in our marriage, if something broke, I’d just throw it out.   We had plenty of money to buy a new one!  Why act like we couldn’t afford a new one!?!?!  My husband was raised on a farm and this was not HIS motto!  He would tinker with it and repair it, make it last longer.  He didn’t believe in throwing anything away.  “We just might need it!”  I thought he was just being cheap, not seeing the wisdom in his thoughts.
But slowly God began working on me.  Can’t say what the catalyst was that truly changed me but I do know that in Genesis 2, God put Adam and Eve here on earth to take care of the land and animals who inhabit it.   Shouldn’t I be taking care of the earth too?

So, the last few years, I have been concerned about our trash use.  Trying to recycle as much as we could.  In Texas, our recycle cart was full each week while our trash cart had only one or two bags.  Living in a big city, it was SO easy to recycle!!!  They recycled everything!  Glass, paper, plastics, cans…. and I had no worries about it.

Now we are far from town AND our nearest big town isn’t big enough to support a complete recycling center.  I am looking at everything in a new light.  This is the scoop from a food container.

Each thing I empty, I am thinking, “What can I use this for?”  It took me a day but now this is the mealworm scoop for my chicken treats!!! 
Working with my inlaws these last couple of weeks has shown me the benefits of keeping everything!  As we worked on the chicken coop, they were able to pull out all kinds of things to put it together – things that I previously would have thought was trash.  Now I am looking at everything through a new light!
I feel like I am becoming a true weirdo! 🙂 But I just want to take care of the earth God has given us!