I am so excited for this life change we have had by living on the farm!!  (Kids not quite so much, still having trouble figuring out how to fill their time out in the country!)  But I truly have no idea what I’m doing!  For the last few years, I have been following several blogs and reading books on raising chickens, bees, gardening, canning…. all things I have never done! Trying to get an idea of things I want to do on my own land.

One of my favorites is a blog called The Prairie Homestead.  It follows a woman who has moved with her family to a farm and they raise goats, a milk cow, chickens, have a huge garden…. the whole farm experience.  What I like about her is that she breaks things down for the uneducated like me.

I purchased this ebook from her site – Your Custom Homestead.  Emphasis on the word “custom” – you could be living in an apartment, subdivision, or a full on farm and you could still learn from it.  She breaks down the book into 21 chapters – one chapter a day for three weeks and you will be well on your way to your custom homestead.  LOVE it!!!!! 

I have spent hours organizing my thoughts on why I want to have a farm, what my goals are, what my goals are for this year, next five years, and next ten years, and how to organize all my thoughts into an organized form.  For the newbie that I am, it has helped me so very much!  It will help provide direction so I am not heading into this venture all willy-nilly!

Some of my goals for our homestead are:

  • to have a better/simpler life for our family
  • to return to our roots (have gotten too commercial for my liking)
  • have less of an environmental impact
  • to know where my foods come from

I had to come up with a mission statement which is:  “To bring glory to God through living simply and being caretakers of the bodies, land, animals and plants He has given us all while teaching our children important life skills.”

Some of my long-term goals are in my first year:

  • get regular customers for my eggs
  • have a BIG garden next year
  • learn to pressure can
  • learn how to butcher my roosters :{

Within five years, my goals are:

  • set up a bee colony
  • have a regular spot at the local farmers market
  • raise turkeys
  • get alpacas

I am supposed to come up with 10 year goals but that is inconceivable to me right now!!!  I have never in my life lived somewhere more than three years.  That will take some hard thinking!!!