Whew!!  I am exhausted but I MUST keep plugging along with a routine.

Today was our first day to due school since we moved in.  Principal D allowed us one more week to set up the house (did I even get anything done??) and so we started back this morning.  Things went well as can be with three weeks off, the addition of a puppy and four new kittens.  Which means it was quite chaotic!  B and K are having trouble remembering that they need to listen and Mom is not talking just to hear herself!  And only one puppy accident!  The school room is not set up yet.  Still has 20 Lego creations on it.  But maybe we’ll meet there by the end of the week??

Okay, back to what I really wanted to say!!!!

The Hunger Games.  Did you read this series?!?!  I did and LOVED it!  Made me think a great deal about the world we live in and the direction it is going.  Not pleasant.  I am so thankful that I know WHO holds the future because it scares me.

I was intrigued by the use of herbs in the series, how they helped heal illnesses and injuries.  Do they really work??

Several years ago (two, three, four…. I can’t even remember!)  I began to change the products I cleaned with, cooked with, feed the family and even where I shopped.  I could see a VAST difference in the health of myself and the children.  Each child was on 2-3 medications and had at least some kind of virus every month.  But then it all dropped off.  No more medications and our illnesses reduced drastically!

As I said before,  I follow a blog called  The Prairie Homestead.  I want to be like her when I grow up!!  She talks about recipes for cleaning out the hen house, homemade cleaners and even essential oils.  I started buying essential oils when I started to make my own cleaners but that’s all I used them for.  She uses them for all sorts of things – when her family gets sick, to heal a burn, to give her livestock or even make cuticle cream!

Some time this past fall, she had a promotion for those who wanted to learn more and get an introductory package of essential oils that she uses, so I signed up. I know there are several excellent companies out there but I chose to sign up under her since she uses these oils on her homestead.  Which is where I would be using mine too!

I have become addicted!!  The kids and I have had a couple of small viruses – runny noses, coughs, upset tummies. We put the oils to the test!!  I think I had a case of the flu in November – fever, horrendous headache, unbelievable sore throat, box of Kleenex in 24 hours runny nose.  When I get that sick, it usually turns awful fast and I have to go on steroids and antibiotics.  This time, I just used the respiratory belnd around my nose and it would clear my nose up!  Peppermint went on my headache and I cleaned with the immunity blend. The kids now ask for the respiratory blend when they start to get a runny nose!  They know it works!

Another one I love is the immune boosting blend.  When I had that bug, I’d put a couple of drops on my tongue and it would numb the sore throat.  It is used to kill germs so I put it in a squirt bottle with vinegar and use it as an antibacterial cleaner.  Awesome right now as we are cleaning up many potty messes. :{  Can even make your own hand sanitizing spray with it.  I felt like I was getting a canker sore in my mouth and I gargled with a couple of drops of it in a tablespoon of water and it disappeared.

I put the lemon in my water glass as it adds a refreshing twist to my water. There is also a tummy blend that R and I used to help settle tummy aches – mine from over indulgence in Christmas goodies and hers as we think she had a minor form of the tummy bug going around.

Love these products so much!  They really work!  I follow several blogs and FaceBook pages so that I can learn more about them.  My kids believe in them too so I just ordered B a product that hopefully will help him focus more on what he needs to focus on.  He spent the other evening pouring through the catalog to see what we needed to get next!

When I start my garden this spring, I’ll add herbs that I want to learn even more about.  So excited to learn more about God’s creation and how people healed themselves before drug stores were around.