Baby gifts: Part 1

I can’t believe that I sewed all my formal dresses in high school and most of my church clothes too.  I also imagined that I would sew all my future baby clothes too.  I had that much focus???  Can’t imagine that now!  Well, Fly Boy and I got married and that thought flew out of my head.  Those frequent moves made me have ADD.  Always jumping from one place to the next.

Fast forward 15 years…. my Navy man surprised me one Christmas with a sewing machine.  Oh no!  I first used it to make all the cousins hooded bath towels.  But the next summer, I found out like 25 friends were having babies!  I wanted to give each of them something but buying that many gifts would wipe out our bank account.
When my children were babes, my mom made these wonderful silk “babies” for each of them.  They LOVED them!!  Would rub the silky on their faces as they went to sleep, went everywhere with us, lost a few on the way, comforted when they went to the church nursery.  Don’t say anything but they still sleep with them!
See how well loved they are?
Back to baby gifts…. Somehow I had a wild thought to make a soft/silky ribbon square.  There was NO way I’d sew the same things my mother did.  She has way more patience than me!!!  And I knew if the recipients loved them, there needed to be replacements so it needed to be something easy.


One of the many I have made.  This is #3 for this baby!!! :). All gifts come with free replacements!! 🙂
I try to make them around what the baby nursery theme is but if I don’t know it, I just choose something fun!  Have done robots, Star Wars, zebra, all sorts of fun stuff!  The important things is to have the silky satiny fabric and ribbons.

What I need to make these:

2 fabrics of the same size.  I vary from 12×12 inches to 10×12 inches.  There is no set size.  What ever you’d like.


Ribbons cut into 3 inch strips – once again, whatever you’d like.  I’ve made patterns or been totally random.  Doesn’t matter :). I do three on each side.


K creating her own 🙂



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