Missions convention

Remember who I am??  I have NOT been taking the time to write…..  but here
I go….

I am a true home body.  It’s so nice to be home after being gone a large part of Friday, Saturday and today.  I would have great trouble adjusting if I ever had to work fulltime outside the home!

Since D and I moved here, we joined the tiny farm community church named Clover Trinity Lutheran Church where he grew up.  I’ve wanted to blog about it and never taken the time.  The Lierman family who moved out here to farm in the early 1900’s were part of the founding members in 1915 and D’s great grandfather was the pastor for a long time.  I LOVE being part of a church with such a heritage!  The average member is silver haired and but offers a such wealth of wisdom for this younger mom and wife.

Clover Trinity Lutheran Church

Each month the ladies host an LWML meeting.  That is such a hard thing for me to say.  L.W.M.L.  Can’t say that fast!!!  It stands for Lutheran Women Missionary League.  That’s about all I knew other than my mother in law (going to call her Doris since she looks so much like Doris Day!) and aunt are highly active members and have traveled to conventions around the country over the years.  After attending several local meetings, I came to realize that an LWML meeting always contains yummy snacks, a bible study, announcements and a mite offering.  I LOVE snacks made by farm wives.  There are so many new things to try!  We recently finished the video study called Gods at War by Kyle Idleman.  Now we have moved on to Your Strong Suit by Donna Pyle.  Love learning with these ladies!  And I love the name of the mite offering taken from Mark 12: 41-44.  My MIL Doris has had her mite box next to the refrigerator for the 18+ years I’ve known her.  When she has spare change, she puts it in the box and takes it to the monthly meetings for the offerings.  All the ladies do it and they vote where it will be sent – to the local pregnancy center, to help provide sewing classes for Muslim women, scholarships for seminary students, etc…..

But you know what??  Most of these ladies have silver hair!!  A couple of months ago, the ladies were talking about an tri-state convention held in Twin Falls (closest LARGE town to us) in April and they wanted to send a Young Woman Representative.  The pastor’s wife IS younger than me but was due to have a baby the first part of April.  That’s all I remember of the conversation for several weeks.  THEN my MIL Doris said, “Here’s the schedule and we bought your ticket.”  Okay………  The only other convention I have attended was MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Nashville in 2009.  Just a little different.

So this past Friday evening, I drove into Twin not knowing what to expect at all.  I prayed that God would keep my heart focused on Him and not that I didn’t know anyone and had no idea what to expect.  My instructions from Doris were to look for the group of women WITHOUT gray hair! Tee hee hee!!!  I got there right before the service and sat with the other Young Women Representatives.  Since it’s was a church service you SHOULDN’T talk too much so I just learned two of their names.  Afterwards we had a little meet and greet with the five other YWR’s and then went back to home/hotels since we were supposed to arrive back at 6:30 am to help set up.  Didn’t know WHAT to expect other than that was awful early for me!!

I got there a little after 6:30am.  (What??  Me??  Late???? NEVER!!!)  The YWR’s were instructed to stay together and do tasks throughout the convention like lead the group in the pledges, collect offerings, pass out flyers, help with the servant projects.  I actually enjoy being told what I’m to do and having a job to do.  I LOVED being with a group of YWR’s who had never attended any other type of convention.  I am amazed at how quickly we were able to form bonds.  We all love the Lord, were under 40, and love serving Him but that was our only commonality.  

Five of the YWR’s with leaders Donna Pyle (L) and Linda Gage (R)

These days were full of singing praises, voting on where offerings should be sent, learning how the “business” of LWML is run and listening to people give reports.

My favorites things – other than the being with the YWR’s and learning about them –

  • The worship music.  I have missed being able to sing worship songs as a group since we have moved to a smaller church. I love hymns but LOVE worship music!!  We were led by a simple trio of women playing guitars and a little native type drum.  Simple but still quite powerful!
  • The Bible study leader from Texas, Donna Pyle.  The key verses were Psalm 8:1-2.  “Oh, Lord, our Lord, How majestic is your name in all the earth.”  Donna is such a vibrant speaker and I loved the times I had to speak to her in a small group setting (… and got a little taste of Texas while being near her!)  I can’t wait to see when I will see and learn from her next!!
  • Hearing from some various local mission groups who have been impacted by our tri-state LWML groups.

How would I describe what LWML is???  It is a group of women who love the Lord and want to share the saving power and love of the Lord with who they can.  Either through making blankets for cancer patients, conducting mission trips to Native Americans in New Mexico, providing funding to print Braille bibles, sending funds to a seminary in Africa, and the list goes on.  These are just simple women who believe that their time, money, and lives should be used for God’s purposes.  But since this society was form in the 1930’s, they have given away MILLIONS of dollars and countless hours serving in the name of Christ.  I was blown away.  I want to be one of them!!!

Working on several service projects 

There is a major thing that I am concerned about.  The lack of young women and, I mean, under 50.  Yes, I know that we who are younger are busy with our families and raising them and our jobs and that IS important. But I am involved in several volunteer activities and our age group seems to have dropped off the face of the earth!  I feel like my generation has made TOO much of a focus on our families and their activities and that has become a type of idol. It IS possible to focus too much on family.  It’s a fine line and one I am trying to learn how to balance.

I was sad when our time together came to an end.  At the close of this convention, I feel that God is impressing on my heart that I am to work to help to train up the younger ladies.   I do not know what that means quite yet but will be seeking.  So please keep me in your prayers as I seek the Lord’s will.

I am so thankful that we are settled here in Idaho.  (It actually doesn’t even matter WHERE we have settled but that we HAVE settled.)  I am so thankful to be getting to know people that know past generations of Lierman family members. That we have this strong Christian heritage that I can teach our children.  But I am so thankful that I will be continuing to get to know these ladies year after year.  I feel so blessed!!