Learning about PIGS!

Growing up, I never thought about pigs.  Never thought about where my food came from.  Never thought I live on a farm!  My entire pig experience was wrapped around the book Charlotte’s Web!

As God changed my heart and opened my mind to living on a farm, I began to search out blogs and Instagram people to follow and learn from.  As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite farm blog is ThePrairieHomstead.com  and two of my favorite Instagram accounts are YonderWayFarmer and WorkingHandsFarm.  I learn so much about taking care of my gardens and about raising animals through their posts.  Their posts are simple beautiful!  I wish I could take a picture like that!!!

After we moved to Idaho and settled into our home, I found a local 4H group for the kids to get involved with.  I wanted to join ALL the projects!!! If I didn’t have kids, I might have even done them all!  Baking, dutch over cooking, leather craft, archery…… basically, I’ve decided I am in the wrong time period!  I should have been born at least 50 years before I was.

The first year, we just were involved with making things.  Sewing, Legos, Cake Decorating, jewelry making, shooting rockets.  Kids (and I!!) learned so much!  And at the end of the 4H year (September) K says, “I want pigs next year!”  Well, okay!!!  She would still be a Cloverbud which means she can’t see at market but then that means WE get to eat it!  I asked her WHY she wanted to raise pigs and her own word answer was “BACON!”

This spring, K spent a Saturday working with her daddy and building a pen for her piggies, which she had named before we even got them, “Ham” and “Bacon.”  They will get shade from an old Russian olive tree and they made shelter from the old fencing laying around Grandpa’s farm.  The pig troughs come from when Great Grandpa raised pigs.  Love having the heritage in this pig pen!!!

We went to pick up the pigs on Mothers Day weekend.  At first they didn’t eat and I wondered why.  Could it be the change in location?  They’re scared??  Then I remembered… Pigs like SLOP!!!  After I started adding water to their feed.  They slopped it up!  (See what I did there??)