This 2015 garden season was non-stop until the middle of November.  It did not go as I planned.  Things didn’t grow that I wanted to.  Weeds grew more than I wanted them to. My melons didn’t grow at all.  I had beets and carrots grow but guess what happened??  Mice ate them….under the  ground!!!

Throughout the hot summer months, we were able to go pick strawberries, apricots, peaches and pears from local farmers.  I did get a few apples which were only enough to make one batch of applesauce as we have plenty from last year.  I preserved and dried as much as I could handle.  We planted several fruit trees but it takes several years for them to mature and we even lost three (plum, cherry and peach).  Next year, we will have to plant more.IMG_1004

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

My favorite strawberry jam recipe (Just don’t try it with raw sugar.  Makes it too runny like a syrup!)

We found an abandoned apricot tree and made this Apricot Jam.

I discovered this AMAZING honey spiced peach recipe. I had leftover syrup and canned the syrup too.  SO DELICIOUS!!!!

This peach vanilla jam is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!  And was the easiest thing ever to make.  But our area had a hard freeze in late spring so there weren’t as many peaches to use.

Because I like the peach vanilla jam so much, I made tons of her pear vanilla jam to give out to neighbors and homeschool friends as Christmas presents.  I loved using this recipe because you did not have to peel the pears before making!!  Wahoo!!

If you can’t tell, we aren’t plain canned fruit with sugar syrup people.  I made this recipe for vanilla spiced pears  last year and knew I needed to repeat it this year.  My kids would drink the syrup if I let them!!!

I got so sick of pears before I finished, so I made one last effort to make this pear sauce!

My ideal goal was to have our fruit needs prepared for the year but they way THIS family eats fruit, I am sure I didn’t do that!!