I don’t know if you know it, but I always feel like the Pinterest Fail mom.  You know the one I am talking about??  You plan for it to look like X and it looks like Y?

My husband and I have always watched as much of the Olympics as we can.  Now that we homeschool, I like to include it as part of our schooling.  I feel America’s worldview is lacking.  One of the greatest gifts I received by being a military brat is learning about other cultures.  And that’s a gift I want to pass on to my children.

In the past, we have had Olympic themed parties but this year’s school schedule has wiped me out.  I wanted something simple.

Food!  I can do that! I usually plan out 2 weeks worth of meals so I can limit my time (and money) to only shopping two times a month.  So this time, I planned out ethnic (and a lot of new to my family) meals for the 2 weeks during the Olympics!  I asked my online friends for recipe ideas and came up with a good sampling of foods from around the world.

Here is the list that I complied:

French Baguette Dinner – this meal was everything I could pick up the day of my grocery shopping.  We had fancy cheese, french baguette bread, deli meats, grapes, and oranges.

French Baguette Picnic

Hungarian Goulash –  I chose a crock pot version of this.  My family didn’t care for it as they aren’t fans of stew meat but they ate anyways!

Germany – Pork Schnitzel and egg noodles – I had my in-laws over for this.  They are both from German families and have never had it.  We loved this and I can see me making it about once a year.  Not too often since I don’t like to fry things.

My Chicken Schwarma – instead of on pitas – cucumbers

China – Beef and Broccoli  This recipe was already on our family favorites list.

Middle Eastern – Chicken Schwarma


Bangers and “Mash” (cauliflower for me)

America – Clam Chowder (Ivar’s Chowder from Costco)

Great Britain – Bangers and Mash (Sausages and already made mashed potatoes from Costco)

Mexico – Tamales (I made a big batch at Christmas to save for TBA)

Thai Sweet Pork (this is an Instant Pot recipe that I created from a library book Bodie found.)

Mediterranean Chicken  – a copycat of Olive Garden’s recipe.  My oldest ate at Olive Garden in February and wanted me to try it.  I’ll have to make it again to see how I made it but it too has become a family favorite.

Italy – Calzones

Egypt – Grilled Meat, couscous, grilled vegetables

Thailand – Pad Thai

Ireland – Shepard’s Pie

Argentinian Empanada’s

Middle Eastern – Gyros

I follow a low carb/gluten free/sugar free meal lifestyle and this was super simple for me to adapt the recipes.

My kids LOVED this!  It was so easy.  Something we thought was amazing was the night I served the Hungarian Goulash, Hungary won it’s first Gold medal in Men’s Relay Speed Skating.

Can’t wait to learn more new recipes in 2 years at the Tokyo Summer Olympics!

Does your family do anything to celebrate the Olympics?