June is one of our busiest months of the year.  We host VBS at our church, summer musical practices, several trips up to Camp Perkins, butchering animals, baseball/softball, and the list goes on.

Summer does not provide rest for this homeschooling mama.  But this is the life I love AND choose.

June is when I start thinking about the next school year.  I think I have mentioned before, but last year I changed a lot of how we homeschool.  Pam Barnhill’s Plan Your Year on Auto Pilot helped me so much!!  I recommend it to all homeschooling moms.

The Plan Your Year course is a series of ten modules and starts with the very basics – your vision of WHY you are homeschooling.   Pam provides several videos to help you grasp what your vision is even if you don’t know why you are homeschooling.

Through another module, you will set goals for what you want each of your homeschooled students to achieve. For example, one of my children had fear of writing last school year.  The goal for that child was to increase her writing skills. I prepared goals for each of my children that helped me to decide the curriculum I used, which is what the next module focused on.

Several of the following modules help you plan your annual school schedule, including your weekly and daily schedules.  I plugged in our weeks that I knew we’d take off – like when my parents visited from Texas, when we went to Texas, and then when we went to our cousin’s wedding in Hawaii.  Then, I knew how many weeks we needed to school, so that helped plan my starting and stopping times for the school year.

The last modules teach you how to assess your planning throughout the year and making sure that you are reaching your goals.  

This program helped me SO incredibly much this year.  The course contained blank planning pages that helped me plan our daily schedule. I’ve been able to reuse the blank sheets to continue planning the rest of the year.

There are two options for purchase of this course – the course all by itself for $69 and then the course with an online workshop for $149.  I worked through all the modules on my own during various play and baseball/softball practices, but I’m sure the workshop would have been extremely beneficial to talk to others and hear their questions and process through their thoughts.

I highly recommend this to all homeschooling mamas! I wish I had known about this course sooner than my eighth year of homeschooling – I would have loved to have used it all along!!  But I am so glad I did find it as it will help me plan my last seven years!!