What resonated with me right off the bat was that Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face, was completely honest.  She shared some of her most embarrassing things with the whole wide world, and this freed me since it made me realize that I am not alone.  This book is not the gospel. I am not looking at her as my spiritual advisor. I listened to what she shared as a mom, wife, and woman and listened to the tools that helped her change.  

Rachel used this book to address the lies that we women often believe.  I know that is where Satan puts roadblocks in our paths. Since the true beginning of time with Adam and Eve, Satan deceives women!  And through these lies, we stop doing the right things and instead focus on all the wrong things, telling ourselves, “I am not good enough.  I am a failure. I can’t do anything right.”

She talks about how not taking care of ourselves is self-sabotage.  I used to think that taking care of myself was a sign of weakness, but as I have homeschooled for over eight years, been a mom for almost 18 years, and a wife for 24 years, I am seeing that this is indeed another lie.  

Rachel reiterated the point that I am hearing from many directions – I cannot do IT ALL.  This is something I am still working on. This lie has deep roots in me. I am seeing it is a pride issue in myself, but the reality is that no person can be good at it all.  No one. We all have different gifts. I need to focus on what I can do well and do that. This will continue to be a hard one for me.

Another topic she addresses ist how one needs to have a positive perspective.  She shared the way she changed that habit in herself, and I have been doing it for months and love it.  I feel it makes a huge difference.  Ann Voskamp shared something similar in her book called One Thousand Gifts, but after several years, I fell out of the habit.  I am now seeing a mental shift in my brain as I focus on addressing this need in myself.

Positive perspective is an important concept, but what IS the habit I am creating to develop it??  The first thing I do in the morning (after I get my cup of coffee) is sit down and write in my gratitude journal.  It’s just a plain notebook from the clearance section of Barnes and Noble. I write the date and then five to ten simple things that I am thankful for.  “My cup of warm coffee, baby calves frolicking in the sun, green grass, all the dishes got washed last night, heat on a chilly morning,” etc. This helps me look for gifts in the day and start off on a positive note.  It helps frame my mind to now seek God in His Word and prayer.

Rachel also talks about “embracing your chaos”.  Sometimes there is no way to tame it -we just need to live in it.  Try as I might, I want to control the chaos. But this time in my life IS chaos.  I have three children, homeschool three students, live on a farm with brainless animals who do stupid things, have a husband who works insane hours, make 95% of our meals from scratch (which also means tons of dishes), and there is ONLY 24 hours in a day.  It cannot all get done. Accept it, Angela!

The title Girl Wash Your Face has been profound to me.  Stop crying over it, go wash your face, and start doing it (whatever that thing is).  Don’t stay here feeling sorry for yourself and just do it. No excuses. Because I am ALL about excuses.  

I have seen some chatter about how this book teaches self-reliance, but I am not in that camp.  I now know that I am my own worst enemy, and I have to move and get out of my excuse-filled way.  God is asking me to do a thing, and I am sitting in my fear/excuses/lack of motivation NOT doing it.

So that is why I am here at my favorite coffee shop writing.  Just do it. I remind myself, “Angela, You have a message of hope to share with women, so just do it!”  

Get out of your own way by wanting to sleep in. Go do it.  

Get over your fear of feeling you have nothing to say. Go do it.

What is God telling YOU you need to do?  Get out of your own way. Stop making excuses.  Just go do it. Each step WILL get easier, but the first step IS very hard.  Go do it.

Have a ripple effect!