Our Favorite Appliances 

I have loved to cook, bake, and eat for as long as I can remember.  When I was a preteen, my grandfather had a massive heart attack on his way to visit us while we lived in Hawaii.  While he was in the hospital, he wouldn’t eat because he thought the food was gross. So I decided that I would make homemade whole wheat bread for him while my mother was with him at the hospital.  I just did it, and he ate it and loved it! So from then on, I tried whatever I wanted without fear.


After my naval pilot and I got married, we moved back to Hawaii.  I was craving tamales. Back then, there wasn’t a strong Mexican food presence in Hawaii, so I went to the library to get a recipe book on how to make them myself.  This is what we had to do before Google! I assembled all the ingredients and made the tamales. It was very time consuming, and I taught me why the ENTIRE FAMILY helps make them together!!  But I had my tamales to fill my freezer and tamales to share, too.


Once I had children, I was worried that they would not like to cook since I cooked so much for them.  But that was an important skill that I wanted to pass on. Starting at about five years of age, I have had them help me cook in the kitchen.  I would let them choose something they wanted to make so that they would have ownership.


Fast forward a few years, and this is a sample of what they have made in the last week – loco mocos (my son fell in love with this Hawaiian plate lunch special when we recently visited), hamburgers with red onion relish and garlic aioli, korean beef bowls, and low carb chocolate zucchini cake with homemade whipped cream.  All without me! Thank you Jesus!! What a blessing to me as a busy mom AND it helps prepare them to provide for themselves as they leave the home.


Speaking of that, my oldest is 17 and a half years old!!!  No way! It happened too fast! Next year, she will start at our local community college until she gets her Associates, so that gives us a little time to collect what she needs before she starts out on her own (when she leaves to finish her Bachelor degree).


I have threatened them that if they move more than a day’s drive away, their grocery bill will be higher because I won’t deliver their meats and canned goods!!  I haven’t decided if it’s a serious threat or not. Haha!


This is a list of the items that I will be sending them off with:

Vitamix mixer – we use ours for EVERYTHING.  Making smoothies, mixing low carb cakes, dressings, cauliflower faux potatoes.

Quality Stainless steel pots and pans – I’ve loved my Cuisinart set.

Ceramic pan to fry eggs

Air Fryer

Instant Pot – the one that also makes yogurt 

Glass storage containers

Good knives