Reducing junk that touches us

After working on reducing the junk in the products we had around our house, I started thinking about the products that TOUCH our bodies.


The skin is the largest organ of our body, so what touches us matters!


I started thinking about detergents, hand soaps, shampoos, lotions – these all touch our skin and then are ingested through our pores.  So with that thought, it’s like we’re drinking what is on us!


Once again, my favorite website is Environmental Working Group  I used this site to see the grade of my products.  Each product tested is labeled similarly to school grades as an A, B, C, D and F along with colors to remind you what is good. A is green, B is yellowish green, C is yellow, D is orange and F is bright red.  Easy to remember like a stoplight.


I recently added the app to my iPhone.  WOW! Now I can just scan the barcode, and it shows me the rating.  Easy peasy!! I started using the website when they didn’t have an app, and I had to write down the A/green choices before I went to the store.


I can see a huge difference in my family’s health since I’ve started these changes in our body products. For example, my  son and I don’t have as many seasonal respiratory concerns like used to have.


After doing research on health and natural living, the only way we can know for sure what is in our products is to make them ourselves.  But that is not always easy. I’ve tried!!


I’ve tried homemade laundry detergent.  I have tried them ALL. Nope. Didn’t work with our hard Idaho water. So I can’t recommend any of the recipes I tried.


I’ve made my own orange peel/vinegar spray. The vinegar and orange oil combine to make an amazing antibacterial spray.  Here are some many uses for this vinegar spray.   Love it! It smells so yummy.  And I love that my peels had another use rather than getting tossed in the bin.  But I use too much of it and we always have several bottles of it on the kitchen counter at all times.


My absolute favorite natural hack is I use wool dryer balls instead of using chemical laden fabric softener sheets. I put a couple of drops of my favorite essential oils on it before throwing it in with the wet laundry.    The wool helps pull out the static in your clothes and the oils add fragrance, if you desire them. This saves us money, too, and even works well in the dry Idaho desert! I’ve been using my homemade dryer balls for over five years.  With no incidents until last week! I wish I took a picture of my load of laundry when the dryer ball exploded! It took Kaylee and I both with a pair of scissors to cut it all apart! But I will keep using them!


I also make a huge batch of this lotion bar recipe and put it either in tins, jelly jars, or silicone molds.  I love to give these as gifts as well as keeping them for myself. I have never used so much lotion as here in dry Idaho.


Lotion bar recipe

Orange peel vinegar

How to make dryer balls


May all your weeds be wildflowers!