Top Hints for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is hard!  Especially now that most of you have been thrust into it due to the COVID quarantine.  


Here are some helpful hints I’d like to share as a mom who has homeschooled from preschool to highschool.


The greatest hint I can offer is that YOU, as the parent, are the school’s thermostat.  I heard this early on in my homeschooling adventure.  You are either the thermometer that reacts to what’s going on, or you are the thermostat which creates the temperature and atmosphere.  With that as my motto, I make sure I take care of myself, so that I can lead the way I am supposed to.

How do I make sure that I am setting the correct atmosphere for our homeschool day? I stay on a routine. Same bedtime and wake up time everyday.  Same mealtime schedules everyday.  It helps me AND my children, and I guarantee it will help you and your children as well. I start each day by going to bed early enough the night before, so that I can wake up at the proper time. Proper sleep is so important for all of us! I get up at least an hour before my kids, so that I can do my quiet time, write in my gratitude journal, drink my coffee, and review the plan for the day.  I make sure I eat foods throughout the day that make my body feel good, so I act well. I exercise my tensions out. (It used to be at our gym, but now it’s using the Peloton app and learning to run outside.)

Another hint that I cannot overstress – Have PE every day!! Teacher AND the kids.  Release those endorphins! How do you keep PE fun, interesting, and enticing? Do a dance party, bicycle race through the neighborhood, find exercise classes on YouTube. Everyone feels better after their heart rate rises for a few minutes. And it helps you sleep better too! What fun and enticing ideas can you come up with to keep you and your kids moving everyday?


Hint number 3 –  Are mealtimes stressing you out? Ask your kids to help you!  Plan out the week’s meals together.  Teach them the beauty of crock pot meals.  Brainstorm the easy meals that everyone likes.  Ask them what meals they can help you make.  These are important skills for them to learn! Make it fun!! Plan a Chopped night. See what’s in the freezer and pantry, and work together to see what you can make from it. And make it easy! One thing I have used for over two years is the Hello Fresh meal service.  It is cheaper and healthier than eating out.  Plus, it is teaching the kids how to cook.  (I have free codes as a frequent buyer, so message me if you are interested.)


Finally, and maybe the most important hint – You do NOT have to be a pinterest mom – unless that brings you joy.  It doesn’t bring me joy because it makes me feel like I don’t measure up. Nobody needs to feel that way. If you love all the Pinterest creativity and doing it with your kids makes your day full and complete, then do it. But if it makes you feel inadequate, get off Pinterest, and set the thermostat for what your home needs.


When you look back on these times of crisis schooling or homeschooling, what do you want your kids to remember??  Now, go be the thermostat and create it!