Purpose, Joy, Abundance for 2018

Purpose, Joy, Abundance

These are my words to remember in 2018.

The year 2017 was covered by a black cloud of depression and anxiety.  I have struggled with it since becoming parent to my special needs son and have had it under control for the last 10 years.  But in 2017, the words to describe my year were – worry, shortcomings, fear, not measuring up.  Thankfully, I was able to make several changes and ended the year in a good place.

Since Christmas, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection – examining the lessons I’ve learned since even bad things give us lessons!  I’m taking time to THINK and not just DO.

Along with this, I started a new Bible study – the title spoke to me so I bought it – “Proven – Where Christ’s Abundance meets our Greatest Need.”  I have always felt that I’ve had to prove myself.  In all areas of my life – wife, mom, homeschool teacher, friend, daughter in law, good citizen – the list goes on.  My WORK measures who I am.

The study open with the “Fullfilled.”  Hard word.  Am I???  Do I believe that God wants me to be fulfilled and happy here on earth?  And to have an abundant life?  What do those words mean?  Do I feel it??  Has my life become a DUTY?

Jennie Allen goes on to talk about how Jesus had purpose and joy and this affected everything he did!  Those words hit me hard.  Purpose AND joy.  Here on earth.

Later on she shares John 10 “I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

11 “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.

Jesus gives us life ABUNDANTLY.  We HAVE it if we take it.

The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy – my life, my joy, my purpose, my abundance.

My job is to trust and rest.  He has me.  I need to breathe in trust, rest, and peace.  And breathe out fear, striving and worry.  As I do this regularly throughout my day, He will refill me with his Joy.

BUT this is not saying that I should just sit and breathe.  I have a PURPOSE.  What is it?

Each one of us has a different purpose in this world.  We all may be wives and mothers which is FULL of purpose.  But we all have an individualized purpose too.  And each of us have the freedom for those purposes to be different.

As I’ve been journaling and reading and listening to podcasts, I’m finding and redefining my purpose.  I know I am at the right place because so many things are shouting at me. The same things.

Several things are helping me DO my purpose.  The 12 Week Year which is training me to guide the goals of my purpose and my planner.



These words of the Lord motivate me.  From Deuteronomy 31:6 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you.  Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged.”

And found in 2 Corinthians 4:7 “We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and is not from us.”

Farming Recap 2017

Farming Recap of 2017

Summed up in one word: FAILURE!

I have to laugh!  It was such a year of learning!!!  Farming has a way of keeping you humble.

I told my husband that I was bone tired and didn’t want to raise a garden.  So HE did!  He researched and decided to use black plastic as a weed barrier.  He and Kaylee only did a direct seed garden so it wasn’t that many plants but showed that the plastic DOES make a difference.  We had a plethora of volunteer tomatoes (a variety I DIDN’T like that we tried a few years back.  Too mushy) and volunteer tomatillos that wouldn’t ever ripen.  So IF we do a garden this year, we will be using black plastic again.

I didn’t even want to raise meat chickens but Kaylee wanted it to be one of her 4H projects.  And if you raise 10 chicks, you might as well do 40 more.  Same amount of work.  Home raised chicken has a different and richer taste.  Not gamey but more flavor.  And I know that my animals/meat lived a happy life.



The kids loved raising turkeys so I knew we would do that again too.  We timed it so we could raise them all at the same time.

All went well while the chicks were in the brooder.  During the first 2 weeks, we keep them in the garage in stock tanks.  It’s easier to check on them through out the day.  To make sure they are eating and drinking.  Is one lethargic?  Splayed legs??  And it’s just too cute to hear the little peeps!  Then we move them to the brooder in the chicken coop.  They are still under a heat lamp and separated from the big birds.

Since we got our personal meat chicks the same time we got K’s 4H chicks, we had to figure out a way to keep them separated once they were all in the big brooder together.  My original idea was to put special leg bands on them but the bands were just TOO big and their tiny feet slipped out.  So, lets paint their toenails!?!?!?  Nope, they wanted to eat it off each others feet.  What next!?!?  How about dropping food coloring on them!?!?!?    That lasted til their baby chick down grew out……. but by then their feet were big enough to have the colored legs bands on them.  The leg bands were a good idea and I probably would do it the same way if I had to BUT they grew so fast, the bands grew into their skin.  Thankfully their life time was only 9 weeks!

Meat birds don’t have to stay under heat as long as egg layers since they grow so fast and produce so much more heat.  So they can move out of the brooder faster.  Now that I am reflecting on the year, I should have kept the turkeys in longer than the chicks.  But I’m counting everything as a learning experience.  NOT a mistake.

We let the chicks out of the brooder when they were about 4 weeks.  They could follow the other chickens out of the coop or stay in but it was close to a 100 degrees in the coop, so they all went out.

For the first few nights they are out of the brooder, we have to round them up to go back into the coop.  Egg layers follow along with what the other birds do.  Meat birds are just plain stupid!  We have to train them and that usually involves K slithering under the coop and pushing them out with a broom.  Gross!  But she is a trooper.  What’s going to happen when she gets bigger?

We do this a little before sunset.  They started to learn how to do this on their own and I then start realizing we are missing birds.  What!?!?  Are they dying from the heat?  We looked all over the pasture and don’t see dead birds.  Then one night, we find a torn apart body under a tree.  The next day, I look up in the huge tree and see an owl there, watching me, during the day.  An OWL.  During the day!

Can you see her looking at me in the DAY light??

So every evening, we’d head down to scare off the owl.  Or attempt to.  Nothing actually scared it off.  After a week of no more missing birds, we skipped a night.  More came up missing.  I wanted to shoot the owl.  My husband said no.  But it’s harming my livestock!!! No.

So he spent hours covering our hoop garden house with netting to protect the chicks.  What did I see the next morning?  Chicks eaten THROUGH the net!!  Holy Hannah. I am MAD.  Let’s shoot the owl!!!


To defer to my husband’s wisdom (and obedience to the law), I called Fish and Game.  Which referred me to someone else.  Well, this other agency showed up and an evaluated my situation.  He clearly saw the problem, saw that we tried to fix it legally and set traps for the owl.  It is absolutely illegal for ANYone to kill an owl.  So even he couldn’t shoot it. But he built two tall traps that had rubber coyote traps on the top.  It took a week but FINALLY caught the mama owl!  They could move her over 100 miles to another location – to terrorize another farm.

The “Trap”
Mama is NOT happy
Packing up to move 100 miles away


Did you know that when owls get ready to land, they put both their feet down?  I had no clue!

So now we have THREE turkey poults left.  Please God, let us be able to raise our own thanksgiving turkey!  We had planned to sell all but one or two and now we just wanted one or two to survive til Thanksgiving!

We left town to help close camp and came home and found one had drowned in the stock tank for the cows.  Ugh.  Now down to two.  Okay, just a few weeks left.  They’re almost full size!  Three days before butcher date, a coyote gets the biggest one!  So we kept the last remaining one locked in the coop til butcher day.  ONE turkey left.   Thankfully Riley won a turkey as our family eats more than just one turkey!

Our only “surviving” turkey Cajun Fried

We are now researching livestock guardians…….

I jumped off the Deep End! Now Sugar Free AND Gluten Free

The year 2017 started with a vengeance of depression and anxiety for me.  I felt like I was weighed under by a heavy storm cloud.  I had panic attacks that plagued me during the night.  I had no joy anywhere despite knowing in my head that I was incredibly blessed.  I felt like the worst Christian ever!

I knew I was overweight and that doesn’t help any thing.  A few years ago (can’t remember when) I became gluten free accidentally and realized my achy joints weren’t aching so much!  So that is one reason I became 100% gluten free.

Because I was already gluten free, I thought that maybe the Paleo Diet would help me.  Have you heard of the Paleo lifestyle?  It is whole foods based, natural sugars like honey and maple syrup, and great to help with the body’s inflammation.  Lots of good research out there on it.  I purchased several books to help this journey.

I tried this lifestyle for about 6 months.  Overall, my eating changed significantly.  I gave up white potatoes and white rice, eating cane sugar, and now ate an even  wider variety of fruits and vegetables.   But I noticed, I still felt jittery when I ate these foods.  I could literally feel my blood sugar rising after eating.  Not an enjoyable feeling.

Our county fair is one of the busiest weeks of our year.  I ate my normal breakfast, had a salad for lunch and found an easy gluten free meal along with ice cream on the midway each night.  I wanted to enjoy something fair food-y.  But at the end of the week, I got sick.  SICK.  My anxiety was so high.  I lived in the bathroom for 10 days.  Was this stress related?  A bug since I was surrounded by so many people for 10 days?  What was going on?

I knew something had to change and I was drawn to the Trim Healthy Mama website and Facebook group.  I forgot that I had ordered the new cookbook on Amazon’s pre-order program in May.  It arrived during this time of sickness.

I called to God and said “Something has to change!!”  One thing I love about the new Trim Healthy Table book is that it has a chapter on the benefits of following the plan.  The premise of the plan is that you eat proteins with every meal and mix either with healthy fats OR healthy carbohydrates.  But NOT both together.  I was intrigued with helping blood sugars but didn’t like the ideas of artificial sweeteners.  I
don’t like their taste, don’t like that they are made from chemicals, changed they way you need to bake. Nope, not one bit.


But HAD to change something.    As I was reading, I saw that the sugar substitutes were from natural plants, not chemicals, so I was ready to try it.  And I jumped in with both feet.  Started following the plan 100%.

Within a week, I noticed that I felt more awake.  I felt satisfied with my food.  No blood sugar spikes.  My emotions felt calmer and I noticed a significant decline in my panic attacks.

After a month, we went up to camp and I brought most of my food but thought I could eat a few of their meals.  By the end of the weekend, I was feeling awful, my blood sugar was spiking and my anxiety came back with a vengeance.  Okay, no more cheating!

For Christmas, Daryl brought homemade fudge an employee had made. It was delicious!!!   I ate a piece but had a panic attack that night.  Then our anniversary was at the end of the month and the restaurant gave a beautiful piece of french silk pie.  I couldn’t stop with just one bite as Daryl had already eaten his half.  So rich and dreamy…..   The next morning I woke up completely trashed.  Like I was hung over!  I got a good night sleep but had to take a three hour nap that day.  NO MORE SUGAR!!!!

I must say I do not feel deprived on this meal plan.  I have delicious meals.  I choose to eat a dessert every day.  I know how to choose meals when we eat out.  I FEEL SO GOOD!!

I find recipes on Pinterest and other blogs and use the two Trim Healthy Mama cookbooks.

My family isn’t completely on plan but they gladly eat anything I cook.  In fact, with one recipe, Bodie comes up and cuts the biggest square out of the middle.  I’d love to have my family completely sugar free but not going to force them to do it.

I’d love to have everyone feel as good as I do, so ask me any questions!!

Bible Study review of A Woman who Doesn’t Quit

We live in a rural area but I know the importance of daily Bible studying.  You may not believe it but I have to limit my trips to town because I do live at home – not in the car running errands.  So I get Bible studies that have daily work and then online video sessions.  The video sessions make it feel like I’m doing it with my best friend.  Even though these ladies don’t even know me!!

I start my day with the devotional called “Jesus Calling” and have used it every morning for maybe 8 years??  And it still speaks to me almost every day!  I have tried to start new books but my heart goes back to this.

2017 wasn’t the best year for me completing Bible studies!  Ugh.  I started and finished only one.  ONE.  Thankful I had the bible verses from Jesus Calling to get me through.

But the one I completed is a GOOD one.  Obviously it was the one that God wanted me to do.


It is called “

Woman who doesn’t Quit.  Five Habits from the Book of Ruth” by Nicki Koziarz.  Fitting title, don’t you think??  It only took me 6 months to do a 6 week study.

It is a powerful study.  Talks about hard situations and how to press through them.


Watching the video lessons made me feel that Nicki and I were chatting over coffee.  Which is exactly what I needed.  She shared her struggles and I could share mine too.

I won’t be giving anything away by sharing the 5 habits because the daily study is the powerful part.  That’s where the Lord worked in my heart.

I’m going to share them so I can review the habits myself:

  1. She accepts the assignment of refinement.
  2. She follows through despite how she feels.
  3. She stays open to the movement of God.
  4. She gives others what she needs.
  5. She moves forward in faith.

I love the story of Ruth.  I’d love to study even deeper but this is what I needed at just this time.  I hope you will consider adding this to your bible study wish list.


Happy New Year! Welcome 2018

Welcome to the New Year!  2018!!  Say what??

As I was listening to KLove today, I hear January described as the most depressing month of the year.  I am not feeling that this year.

Last year (2017) was a rough year for me.  I felt like I had a mental breakdown and that affected every aspect of my life.  I was deep in a depressive pit.  My anxiety wasn’t allowing me sleep.  I was a wreck.  But I tried many things to help and by September/October, I finally made enough changes that I could see a positive change in my health.

I tried to take back charge of our finances and what happened!?!?!  Everything broke!  Cars, appliances, legal bills, so much that my Dave Ramsey emergency fund just laughed.

I started Bible studies and then dropped out of them.

We had lots of farming disasters.

Riley started our local community college classes and it was so hard to manage three different grade levels.  My mental capacity was gone.


That year is over.  I ended up seeing that God brought me to my knees to realize I am not enou

gh.  But He is.  He is with me through all of this.  And all this is part of his creative story for my life.  I say creative because everything He does, does not fit into man’s idea of how it should be done but so much more!


As I reflected on the season of Christmas, the Son of God did not come to earth in a glorious , kingly way.  He came down in the most humblest of ways.  Born to a single teenager in a stinky smelly stable.  If God can save the world in the most creative way, I am going to let him work his ways in my life too.  It will be in a way I don’t imagine but I am going to trust his ways.

I ended up finishing the Bible study I dropped out of 6 months before.  And do you know the title?  It was called “The Woman who wouldn’t Quit.”  How ironic.  And I learned so much through it.  I want to do it again!

Finances still are not good but it has encouraged me to teach biblical personal finances to the kids this year.  I wish I had something like that when I was growing up.

Riley finished her two college classes and finished strong.  We learned so much about areas I haven’t been a good teacher and learned that she works harder for teachers other than her mother!  So we’ll keep her in a couple of those classes each semester.

Disasters are part of farming and I’ve researched some possible solutions.

I took a few days off between the holidays to reflect on our year and things we learned and now I know what to focus on for the next year.

I am truly excited for on the New Year!!!

Get out of Debt: Meal Planning

After examining our spending for a moth, I saw a huge area where we were not in control.  Spending on food.  This covers groceries AND eating out.  I always thought we didn’t eat out much but the numbers don’t lie!!  Granted, Daryl took a trip with the kids and they had to eat out the entire time but still, our spending was crazy!  And then because I hadn’t planned well for lunches, we’d have to grab something while running errands.  Lack of planning is my downfall!

So after setting our food budget this month, I sat and stared in our pantry.  It’s fairly well stocked with basics.  What things can I make meals from in here?  Then I went and stared in our freezers.  We raise our own meats (beef, pork, chicken) so we have more than the average person in our freezers.  I then started a list of all the meals we can make from these ingredients.

Another pitfall I discovered about lack of planning is there is nothing leftover to eat for the next lunch.  My kids do not like sandwiches and my lunch choices have not been very healthy or budget conscious.

I have been following a blog mom lifeasmom.com for many years. She is the queen of meal

planning, shopping with a budget, being organized and freezer cooking. I have one of her cookbooks called Not Your Mother’s Freezer Cookbook which we love.  I love her recipes because they are real food ingredients.  And I can easily adapt to gluten free for me.


So I looked through her cookbook and immediately saw 10 recipes that would be kid approved and easy for me to fill my freezer with for lunches.

I don’t meal plan like some who say “Monday is this,  Tuesday is this…”  I just write down the meals we have all the ingredients for.  Then the morning of, I examine my day and usually ask the kids what they prefer off the list.  Unless it’s a crazy day and know I need a crockpot type  meal and start that preparation the night before.

So I wrote down all the dinner and lunch plans, made a list of where I get them, and then shopped.  I didn’t add up how much I was spending as it was the beginning of the month and these were all staples.

This past Saturday, I got to work on filling freezer with lunch meals and canning.  The meals were mostly for my kids.  I took some of the main ingredients (like the chicken from the chicken bacon ranch sandwiches) and added spaghetti squash for them for my lunches.  Then I wrapped them up, labeled them and put them in the freezer.  They can be thawed and heated the morning of eating.

The effort makes me so happy!  Freezer filled with yummy foods!  And making sure I stay on spending plan.

Time to be an Adult: Get out of DEBT

I am so thankful to be married to the man I am.  When we got married, he wisely said that all the wedding money we received was to be put into our retirement account.  WHAT????  We can’t spend it to buy furniture for our new life?  Can’t use it to buy something nice to start our house?  We’re saving for 50 years down the road?  I thought he was crazy but moved on.

Him being an officer in the Navy was great!  Yes, we had to endure deployments and high plane ticket prices and HUGE phone bills since this was the dawn of emails and cell phones.  Before Facebook and texting.  But the pay was good.  Because Daryl traveled so much, I was put in charge of the finances.  We established some basic financial rules.  Started saving for retirement, paying into IRA’s, kids’ college accounts, saving for cars and didn’t have credit card debt.  We always had enough money at the end of the month.  All was good financially… or so I thought.

We did Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course in about 2010.  This course over-inflated my ego on our financial health.  Since we were not in any debt, I was able to put a large amount of money into

savings for when D retired from the Navy and we bought our “forever home.”

Daryl retired from the Navy at the end of 2013.  At the same time, we moved onto our “patch of heaven” on his family’s farm.   With the savings I started, we were able to put a large down payment on the building of our custom home.  We were able to pay cash for a new ATV.  I could spend, spend, spend all this money that I had saved.


We have raised our animals for all our meat the last 3 years.  We buy as much as we can locally and organically.  And because we are worth it, I just spend.  I am not saying this isn’t important.  I just haven’t done it wisely.  If we don’t eat it, I can just give it to the pigs and chickens.  That’s just one way I’m not being wise.

I always thought I was frugal.  We don’t wear name brand clothes, we don’t have car payments, we don’t eat out as much as the “Jones,” we don’t waste a lot by going to the movies, having expensive toys, etc.  We are better than most with money.  Or so I thought.

Ha!  I received quite the awakening.  And it wasn’t just one.  So now we sit here with the mess of my making.  2 credit cards almost maxed out and a large home loan.  I sometimes have trouble making it to the end of the month so I put more on the cards.

My oldest is starting her sophomore year of high school.  She wants to be a vet.  When Daryl and I discussed having children, he said it’s our responsibility to prepare them for the world by paying for their college.  It’s coming soon.  Thankfully we started the savings when she was born but there is still a lot to go.

I also have wanted travel trailer so that we could road trip/camp.  She has 3 years left with us and I haven’t purchased it and were’s the money going to come from???

SO, it’s time to pull up my big girl panties and get us out of debt.

Here is my first step.

In July, I purchased the Dave Ramsey app called Every Dollar.  The reason I bought the app instead of using the free version is that I wanted to link my bank accounts into the app.  I do most of my purchases with a debit card since I knew I was bad with cash.  This program lists every purchase I make and I am able to put it under the correct categories.  It shows me how much I have left to spend or how much I overspent in each category.  After watching what we spent for the month, this month, I’ll have a better idea of how to budget for things or even cut our spending in that area.

I did Dave Ramsey before but I never accounted for each of my dollars.  I went by how much was left in the bank account.  Pure foolishness.

We have had Quicken before.  I did not like it at all.  As a homeschooling mother, I know that different brains react to different styles.  Quicken is not my style.

What I love about Every Dollar is that it is like a game.  I set my goals and can I beat it?  I entered in where every dollar should go and then I see how much “free” money is unaccounted for.  For the next few months, every “free” dollar is going to pay off debt.

August already has some challenges.  My oldest starts at the community college and tuition is due.  We had a huge unexpected legal fee last month (all part of farming and owning land AND I didn’t have much of an emergency fund).  Our son got braces and starts monthly payments.  And our county fair is this month which adds up to huge spending when kids are in it and we have to be there almost every day for 10 days.

But with Every Dollar, I am able to budget for that and it just means I am not able to put as large amount towards our debt.

What I like about Dave Ramsey is “baby steps.”  I am taking small steps in the right direction.  And I will celebrate the small steps I do make, instead of feeling defeated by the mess we made.

Why Homeschooling?

We just finished out 6th year homeschooling!  I can’t believe it.  Other than being a wife and mom, I don’t think I’ve done anything that long!!  And guess what?  I still love it!  Each year is new and exciting to me.  I might enjoy it more than my kiddos!

Please know, that in NO way am I bashing public schooling.  I know many amazing teachers (and even family members who teach) and they bless so many children and families.  They ARE changing the world.  And we need them.  It’s just not what God has asked us to do.  Just like He’s asked us to live on a farm.  That’s why living in America is great!  We have choices.

In 2010, God was working on my heart in so many ways.  First, to bring my family to eating healthier. Second, to be open to living on a farm.  And third, to start homeschooling.  All of this was completely foreign to me!!!  I started researching through other blogs, books, and talking to other moms.

My college degree was Food Science and Human Nutrition.  I was trained that science is the best.  God was challenging me that what HE created was best.  Not labs and factories but what is found in nature.  Which led to living on a farm……. AND why not grow it yourself???  I feel I have no marketable skills but I felt I could grow a garden and take care of some animals.  Already, God was preparing my heart to accept our move to Idaho in 2013.  Because before that, absolutely NO WAY!  So now, along with Google, blogs and YouTube, that’s what I do!!  Never say never to God!!

So back to homeschooling, God was showing me that we were so busy that I didn’t have time to teach the kids what I was called to do.  I had been extremely active in Riley’s public school.  I was room mom and even president of the school parent teacher organization.  I saw all the time spent on things that were not so important.   And the way I was to find the time was by homeschooling.  SCARY!!!!

Cue thanks for the invention of Facebook and the pioneers of homeschooling that I knew that had high school graduates and even college graduates who were homeschooled!!!  I asked everyone I knew who homeschooled for theiradvice.

Once the decision had been made to homeschool, the next big decision to make was CURRICULUM!  A wise friend of mine suggested that Sonlight would be a good fit for us since it is full of living books.  Premier educator, Charlotte Mason describes living books as “usually written by one person who has a passion for the subject and writes in conversational or narrative style. The books pull you into the subject and involve your emotions, so it’s easy to remember the events and facts. Living books make the subject “come alive.” They can be contrasted to dry writing, like what is found in most encyclopedias or textbooks, which basically lists informational facts in summary form.”

After looking at their curriculum, I decided to use Sonlight for our first year.  It was a little spendier but I loved how I could incorporate all three children together AND they have amazing teacher guides, which I needed.

After our first year, I thought that I could create our own curriculum.  We tried several things but ended up back with Sonlight.  They just make it too easy.  You have everything when you receive the supplies.  No running to the library or Wal-Mart which is very important for us since we live on a farm!

What I appreciate about homeschooling

  • Mom learns just as much as kids, if not more
  • Mom has to trust God as God is molding me as much as our kids
  • Freedom in our scheduling.  This year we skied in Utah for a long weekend then headed to Texas for 2 weeks during the school year.  We take off when grandparents visit from Texas.
  • Siblings HAVE to work it out.
  • Schooling can happen anywhere and they love learning.  Granted this is after 6 years of homeschooling.
  • We do tons of life skill training.  My 11 and 15 years olds can make at least one complete meal unassisted. And it’s not heating frozen pizza!

I am so thankful we have the freedom for this adventure!

Who Is the REAL Me?

Hi!  I have been struggling for a while.  At least a year.  Struggling with who I am, where I fit, feelings of inadequacy and imperfection, and family issues.

Is it because I am in my 40’s and it’s the usual time for midlife crisis?  Is it because I have moved every 1-3 years of my life as a military dependent, and for the first time, I am in one spot forever??  Who knows??  But I’m going to use it to learn from it.  God has us go through everything for a purpose as He says in Romans 8:28.

So I am going to keep things real.

One reason I have dropped my blogging is feelings of imperfection.  I look to rock star bloggers and freak out because I don’t know all their cool techniques.  I don’t have give aways.  Have new recipes to share.  Do I even have anything interesting to share???

So I will just share me and my life and be happy with that! Maybe one day, I can be a rock start too! Come join me with a cup of coffee and sit with me.

Who am I??

Angela – a sinner, a wife, redeemed, imperfect, mom to three blessings, coffee lover, full of feelings, love to eat/cook/share food with others, love to love on hurting people, taxi driver, natural food advocate, too many pots on the fire, counselor, love to learn, natural health advocate, money mis-manager, homeschooling mom, feel I fail being a family member to my larger family,  needs too much sleep, but I’m the Daughter of the One True King!!!

Join me as I live real life today……

How we raise Meat Birds

Most people are squeamish about raising their own meat.  I can understand that!  I am an animal lover and hate to see anyone in pain.

But I also care about my family.  I am concerned about how the American food system is taking care of their products.  Hmmm, how is sending chickens to China to be processed a good thing?????  So, I combat this by raising my own animals.  I know what they’re fed, how they’re treated, how happy their life is, how big the shelter is, etc.

My philosophy is make sure all their days are good until their last day.  And that last day is not a happy day for anyone!!!  I miss them when they are gone.  But it makes me appreciate their gift to me more now that I know what happened in order to have it.

Last year, we ventured into the world of pigs/pork.  I LOVED it.  Loved their antics.  My husband and kids are loving their bacon and smoked pork chops.  And say it is the best tasting EVER.  I love being able to provide for my family.  Getting ready to order my next batch for this year.  Halfway through last season, I decided to add more pigs so I could sell those and make costs even for my own meat.  If you taking care of one, why not add a few more!

One thing I noticed was how quickly we clear out a freezer!!  When you load it in the freezer as you come home from the butcher, you think, how can we eat all this!?!?!  But I gave a lot out as Christmas gifts – to someone who gave us their leftover corn, to our neighbors, grandparents, aunt/uncle, etc.  And we might eat at home more than the average person?  I have no clue on that.

I bought 65 butchered chickens last year and we don’t have ANY left!!!  My kiddos are missing chicken meals.

So this year we will be focusing on raising meat birds/broilers/cornish cross.

We have butchered our own roosters and they weren’t my favorite taste so I researched more into it.  First off, the roosters we ate were not the eating type.  Second, I didn’t let them sit (to remove rigor mortis) before cooking.  Third, did not cook them the best way to soften them.

I looked into raising Freedom Rangers.  This is said to be a more natural type that doesn’t gorge themselves to death and are better raised on pasture.  BUT I was concerned as my husband is not keen on the dark meat flavor of regular grocery store chickens so how would he be on these?  So that is why I am raising Cornish Cross this year.

As I posted earlier, we hatched 21 eggs.  Then we purchased 24 more eggs and 24 chicks.  If these all hatch/reach maturity, that would be 69 chickens but that won’t be enough for a year AND provided my butchering helpers with chicken too.   So we’ll do at least 1 more set of eggs and chicks.

For the first 2 weeks, they live in our garage in a horse trough with shavings, a heat lamp and well-covered to keep out our cats.  I am able to check on them regularly and keep them in clean food and water.  Now meat birds are different than layers!  Whoo Whee!!!  Smellier, messier, eat more, swim in their water bottle and uglier.  And since they can gorge themselves to death, after their first week, I take out their food at night.   I buy all of our feed from Scratch and Peck but have it delivered through Azure Standard.  Since we will be eating these birds, I want to make sure everything that they eat is as natural as possible.  For the first 8 weeks, they are to be on Starter feed.  Then they will be moved to Grower feed.  I’ll supplement their feeding with a local farmer’s scratch mix as it will cut feed costs.

Once they reach about 2 weeks old, we move them to the brooder that my husband built in our chicken coop.  I think he did a pretty good job designing it but I may be a little biased.  He is so resourceful!  As our house was being built, every scrap that was thrown out, he took and stored in a building her on the farm.  And he manages a warehouse so every time something comes in on pallets, he brings them home.  Other than buying hinges, he had everything on the farm!

This brooder hopefully will be all they need til butcher time!

We’ll butcher them at around 8 weeks if they are around 6 lbs before butchering.