Who is the New Chick?

Hi, my name is Angela and I truly am the new chick on the farm.  We now live on my husband’s family’s farm.  Everyone has lived here for over one hundred years.  I come from a military family.  I moved every three years or less the entire time I was growing up.  Then I married a Naval pilot and we moved every 2 years or less.

I swore I would never live on a farm …. for years.  I am/was a city girl.  Loved being close to shopping, restaurants, things to do.  I was all about modern medicine, store bought foods, antibacterial foods.  Dirt was gross.  Animal poop was even grosser.  Farming is an important part of life but I did not need to be part of it.

God changed my heart.  He gave me a special needs son.  When my son turned five, I began to wonder if there was a better way to take care of him instead of daily medications and weekly doctor appointments.  This opened my eyes to thinking about raising my own foods.  That in turn changed my thoughts of living on a farm.  About this time, my husband was planning to retire from the Navy and then what???  Only God knew.  But I wanted to have chickens.

In 2013, my husband was offered a job in the town nearest to his parents.  No way.  No way at all.  Do you remember the story of Jacob wrestling with the Angel of God in the Bible?  That is what I did.  And in the morning, I had peace that was where we were moving and I was excited about it.  Only God can change a heart like that.

And four years later, I can’t image what I did with all my free time, hate driving in our nearest town of 45,000 people and use essential oils more than medications.  Yes, God can change you.

This blog is a journal of the things I am learning while raising our own food, living on a farm,  homeschooling our kiddos, doing lots of DIY, and growing in blessings all along the way.