Three Tips to Reduce Your Debt

As I have mentioned over and over, we are trying to get out of debt.  And it is HARD. It incorporates so many things.


Why do I want to get out of debt?  One, debt stresses me out. My husband makes a good income.  We should be able to live within our means. Two, I want to be a good example for our children.  Three, I want to honor God. 


This whole “get out of debt” thing is hard for me.  I have ALWAYS hated talking about money. Budgets are awful and so restricting.  Thankfully we were never in debt until moving here to the farm. But these are all limiting beliefs for me.  I need to change my mindset and thoughts on money.


Here are some tricks that are helping me.


I have changed my social media to focus on my goals.  On Instagram, I looked up several debt related hashtags to fill my feed with people actually doing what I want to do.  Two of my favorite hashtags to follow are #debtfreecommunity and #debtfreejourney.  As I scroll, I can see how others are accomplishing the goal I want to crush. It gives me extra encouragement of why it is so important.  I also follow inspiring debt-free encouragers like Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey, Christy Wright, Chris Hogan, and Anthony O’Neal.


I also listen to podcasts.  I LOVE me some podcasts!!! Whoopee!  I am always listening to a podcast. I subscribe to several that focus on living in financial freedom.  My favorite is The Rachel Cruze Show.  I love her because she is so real, down to earth, and a momma trying to get it all done.  That speaks to me. I need to surround myself with others striving for the same goal. These help me stay on my journey and know I am doing the right thing even though it is hard.


My third trick may surprise you, but have you ever tried ordering your groceries online? Using the Walmart Grocery app has rocked my world!  Not only does it save me time as a busy mom who lives out of town and wants to reduce my time running errands, but it is also a great help for our grocery budget.  It does not allow impulse buys!! THIS IS HUGE!!! We add the items we need throughout the week, and then I schedule a time that we will be in town for pickup.  


Walmart is not usually my go-to store because I like to support small businesses and not huge corporations, but it fills other needs for me as a mom right now, so I will keep using it as a tool to help me stay sane and on budget.


Here’s the kicker y’all – it is FREE for every order that is $30 or more. FREE. You might wonder if you’ll get good produce. I have had no problems with the produce selection other than the avocados – for some reason they have always been too hard, so I stopped ordering them.


I have a problem with impulse buying – for myself AND my children.  This has helped SO much!!! I cannot sing its praises enough.


Debt-free living seems to be counter-cultural.  We are encouraged to finance EVERY little thing.  And did you know that the ability to acquire debt was started only in the 1950’s!!!  And how much debt have we accumulated in the last 70 years?? In 2019, American consumer debt was at $4 BILLION dollars!!! I am determined to not be part of these numbers anymore!


What debt reduction tips and tricks do you use?


Be a ripple effect!