Hello Fresh

Each summer, as I homeschool, first, I spend time in prayer Then I turn my mind to brainstorming what things my children should learn other than the three R’s. Maybe more of Shakespeare? Should they study more poetry? What type of research paper should they write? A persuasive or expository one??


This past year, it hit me that I wanted them to learn to cook.  It would help me as it would be one less thing for me to do AND get them be able to take care of themselves as they leave the home.


As I was walking through Costco one day, I saw gift cards for the Blue Apron meal service, and they were on sale.  I think I got $100 credit for $70. It hit me! Why don’t I use a meal service like this to help teach my children to cook?!?!


I bought the Blue Apron gift cards and implemented my plan this past winter.  The gift cards purchased about two deliveries of meal ingredients. I ordered the 2-meal plan that feeds four people.  I added in an extra serving of protein since we are a family of five.


Here are the reasons Blue Apron is not our favorite meal service:  

  • Meals are too similar to what I already make
  • All of the food is packaged and delivered together in one box with no division of meals or meat and produce
  • Not enough variety of recipes
  • Heavy on the starches


But, we did learn that meal delivery services were a wonderful way to teach the kids to cook!  Some may say the cost of a delivery service it too high, but we don’t eat out much at all, and this is still cheaper than a meal for all five of us at a fast food restaurant.


While watching tv one day, we all saw a Hello Fresh commercial that offered $80 off – that is two weeks delivery of their service.  So that IS more expensive than Blue Apron but I was willing to try it, especially since it was free!


The family fell in love with Hello Fresh with our very first delivery.  And our oldest daughter, Riley, not only made both of the meals by herself, but she was even excited to try it on her own!  The first meal she made was poblano beef tacos with pineapple salsa.  This meal became a family favorite and is now regularly on our meal plan.


After about 6 months of delivery, let me tell you some of the amazing things about Hello Fresh!

  • In the delivery cooler, each meal (except the meat) is individually packaged in a paper bag. I can put the entire paper bag in the fridge and have all of the ingredients together and ready to cook.
  • The meat is not in the paper bag with the fresh ingredients, so it doesn’t contaminate the raw produce.
  • All the recipes are completely included, making it possible to make several of the recipes on my own without the delivery service.  This allows us to try different recipes with each delivery.
  • We have tried so many recipes that I wouldn’t have tried if it wasn’t for Riley picking them out.  And we love most of them.
  • You can skip weeks.  You do not have to get them each week.


Hello Fresh has taught my children many things:

  • To try new things – not just recipes but also how the recipes are prepared. We like sour cream on our tacos, but to make a homemade lime crema for the tacos!?!?!?  Out of this world!
  • How to read all the way through a recipe before starting.  They might forget something if they don’t
  • Gives them confidence to try new recipes on their own or to create their own recipes
  • Belief that they CAN cook
  • How to meal plan 
  • They can help the family in a beneficial way


I love this service so much that I got a subscription for my elderly widowed aunt for a few months.  Riley got more practice cooking and deciding what meals she likes to cook AND the aunt got several nutritious meals each week.  Win/win!!